Why should I get a Venture Shuffleboard?

Why should I get a Venture Shuffleboard?

Jan 28th 2021

Purchasing a shuffleboard is a huge step, so you always want to be sure that you are as confident in your purchase as you can be. You want to make sure that it's a size that will fit in your room; you want to make sure the finish matches your aesthetic; you want to be sure that the materials will last. Well, here is our two cents: shop Venture for a stylish and reliable piece of furniture that you can pass down to generations after you.

Venture Shuffleboards is a family-owned company that began in 1928. The company is currently owned by second-generation Mckay, Chris and his wife Lizz. Venture prides itself on it's ties to family and promise of high-quality tables made in America. Now based in Peachtree City, Georgia, Chris and Lizz have developed Venture Games into an industry leader, even expanding their unique designs to foosball, ping pong, and custom billiards tables.

Looking to their remarkable designs, Venture has crafted some pretty incredible tables like the Astoria Sport Shuffleboard and the Williamsburg Shuffleboards, just to name a few. Each has it's own distinct character, ranging from rustic models to modern models and anything you can image in between. The owners' dedication to their craft is clear in each and every piece of furniture they produce.

Thus, when shopping shuffleboards, look no further than Venture: A brand you can trust to deliver and to do so with pride.